Housing Development Am Krautgarten


这是 Caramel architekten 设计的位于奥地利的一个公寓。为了使未来的租户有一种归属感,每间公寓都被设计为单独的有多个楼层的房子,可以一睹周围的景色。公寓之间环环相扣,构成了一个独特的内部结构。私人庭院、屋顶花园与外墙轻快的颜色则让整个建筑充满了积极的生活气息。


the property lies in a green zone at the periphery of vienna and is surrounded by small houses and small apartment complexes. the atmosphere that future tenants associate with this site is one of “living in green surroundings”, ideally: one’s own house and garden. the intention is to also convey this atmosphere in the housing project itself. the individual apartments are designed as separate houses with multiple floors and various views of the surroundings. the individual units are interlocked and fit together to create the overall structure.although the krautgarten project is a four-story building, each individual living unit was designed to be as self-contained as possible.each apartment, therefore, has its own floor plan and the various loggias and balconies allow the outside observer to recognize each unit as a distinct “house”. private yards, roof gardens, loggias, and balconies provide each apartment with various levels of direct contact to the green surroundings – like a house surrounded by grass and trees. the individual internal structure of the building gives the outer shell a playful character as a positive atmosphere in a functional unit “for living”. this is emphasized by the haptic impression of the very course plaster of the building exterior and the cheerful choice of colors.


设计事务所 Caramel architekten
地点 奥地利
项目建筑师 Caramel architekten
面积 GFA 2,705 m2
摄影 hertha hurnaus




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 奥地利