这是 AKASAKA SHINICHIRO ATELIER 设计的一个商住两用建筑,位于日本札幌。建筑的整体形式保留了住宅需要的平和宁静的气氛,一楼与二楼的大玻璃窗使得从外部很容易看到里面商店的陈设。入口的设计非常巧妙,预留的空间使不同的商店保持适度距离,种植的树木则让建筑有了连续性。


A tenant building built on the site overlooks the Maruyama Park, the place of recreation and relaxation for Sapporo citizen. The client requested the portion of the building to be used as a residence in the future.  Due to such request, the overall form of the building is designed to maintain the calm atmosphere as a residence, while the first floor and the second floor containing a store having higher transparency to be able to show the presence as the shop to outside. The space surrounding a small entrance court gives moderate distances between the different stores next to each other.  At the same time, it creates loose sense of unity for the stores to share the outside space changing daily.  As the trees planted in the court grow over time, it deepens the continuity of the building and the park.


地点 日本
项目建筑师 Shin-ichiro Akasaka
面积 site 265 m2 / building 159 m2
摄影 Koji Sakai




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地点: 日本