Plastic 住宅


这是 Unit Arkitektur AB 设计的一所住宅,位于瑞典,由上世纪六十年代的住宅翻修而来,主人是一对年轻夫妇。虽然地处海边,但由于周围房屋密度很大,事实上从房间内无法看到海景。设计师为此选择了一个务实的做法,将客厅、餐厅等主要活动区间都放在了二楼。由于瑞典法律规定,任何住宅必须有一个能为残疾人所访问的厨房,餐厅,卧室,设计师为此建立了一个升降板,以备以后的类似需求。


Hjuvik just outside Gothenburg the young couple Anna and Marcus bought a property containing an old detached house. The area is a pure residential area which has been thoroughly developed over the past 20 years with a great density of houses as a result. It has also led to the paradox that although all inhabitants have moved there for a view of the sea, no sea is visible from their own property as the nearby neighbor’s house is obstructing the view. This, combined with current Swedish building regulations which states that a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom must be accessible for a disabled person, leads to the tragic fact that despite the proximity to the sea, most people do not see it from the spaces where they spend most of their waking time – the kitchen and living room.

Since the ground floor in this case had a dark and cramped position it was desirable to switch the floors – to move down the bedrooms and move up the living room and kitchen. It was possible to prepare for a lifting plate outside of the building, if the house is to be adjusted for a disabled person in the future.

The clients wanted a larger house than the budget really allowed. This was made possible by a genuinely simple geometry and common materials; the outer form follows the logic of the shoebox and the layout is as straightforward as possible. It was the size of the rooms that was defined as a luxury and not building materials.

The ground floor has a pragmatic layout built around a transversal corridor with storage as a buffer towards the northeast. On the other side there is a row of rooms. The upper level is inspired by the Moore and Kubly Houses – both designed by Craig Ellwood and built in the 60s – with their free walls only interrupted by sliding doors in closed position.


设计事务所 Unit Arkitektur AB
地点 瑞典, 哥德堡
项目建筑师 Mikael Frej, Klas Moberg
面积 210 m2
摄影 Krister Engström, Unit Arkitektur




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 瑞典, 哥德堡