Romanza 住宅


这是来自墨西哥的建筑设计事务所 Pascal Arquitectos 完成的一个室内设计项目。大理石板与胡桃油木被用在了大部分区域,多种质地的装饰材料如皮革、玻璃、木材、金属的使用以及颜色的运用突出了不同区域的层次结构,并创造了一个和谐温暖的空间。


With an deliberate contemporary design, huge SilverTravertino marble plaques and walnut oiled wood were used in the great majority of the areas. These materials texture richness combination along with walls color and texture created neutral and warm spaces ready to welcome simple and few furniture and ornamental elements.

Furnishing diversity was used to achieve original material combinations: leather, glass, wood, minerals and metals sober forms and colors generated a special harmony within the house.

For the dividing vertical elements polychrome gold cristal, which reflects multiple tonalities depending on light and perspective, and metal lattice were used. On the other hand, Travertino marble slabs and trapestry covers the walls to emphasize the hierarchy between the elements in a specific area.

Forms and material coincidence and combination unifies these independent spaces under an unqiue style despite the varied palette above described.


设计事务所 Pascal Arquitectos
地点 墨西哥
项目建筑师 Carlos Pascal, Gerard Pascal
面积 490 m2




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 墨西哥