Portofino Residential Condominiums


这是 Pascal Arquitectos 设计的一座公寓。该项目位于墨西哥城内一个独特的住宅区内,占地面积约为 15000m2,同时,在该地块的一个大斜坡上还建有 3000m2 的建筑。建筑物的外形很对称,像一个正棱柱体。建筑的底部是米色的印度砂岩,上部是白色的预制混凝土,楼身的中间部分则选用了不同的建筑材料,这样就从视觉上减轻了建筑的沉重感,使其能够与周围较低的建筑物一起融入到当地的城市景观之中。


Portofino condominium is located in an exclusive residential area in Mexico City. It occupies a 15,000 m2 terrain with deep slopes with 30,000 m2 of construction.

This project includes three apartment towers, two per floor, and a common area with panoramic views. Also, as a complementary service to the complex apartments, it has a club house situated independently from the towers.

The shape of the towers is symmetrical, like a regular prism, that shows a change of material at the middle of it’s height, displaying at the beginning beige hindu sandstone and on the upper section white concrete precast, obtaining a lighter visual effect and the urban integration with the rest of the sorroundign buildings which are lower and coincides with the ground level.

Each apartment is 450 m2 containing a living room, a dining room, kitchen, family room, services area and three bedrooms with bath and dressing room.

The club house counts with a ballroom for 350 people, a business center, tennis courts, a complete spa, swimming pool, gym, beauty parlor, playground and a small supermarket.


设计事务所 Pascal Arquitectos
地点 墨西哥
项目建筑师 Carlos Pascal, Gerard Pascal
面积 30,000 m2
摄影 Jaime Navarro




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 墨西哥