Goldsmith 公寓


Pascal Arquitectos 设计的这个公寓整个建筑呈L型,因地形特殊几乎没有对街的外墙。利用各种不同的材料建立起不规则的几何图案,像是一个立体的森林,同时集成了喷泉,火盆,等聚会必备的元素。


These are some preview images of a building located in Polanco, in a “L” shaped lot. Due to special circumstances there is almost no façade towards the street, it was decided to have the life and views developed to the inside.

An irregular geometric pattern was created, with a random use of different materials such as cumarú wood, brass, transparent crystal, white ceramic crystal and limestone.

The first idea was to generate a “vertical forest” , that later ended up being more like an “orangerie”, this was a result of putting mandarin orange trees inside window boxes in order to incorporate, through this façade, the sense of smell to the senses that were addressed to. At the same time it integrates a vast range of elements like the water in the fountain and the fire pit that becomes the reunion center of this place.


设计事务所 Pascal Arquitectos
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Carlos Pascal, Gerard Pascal




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地点: 西班牙