Salewa 总部大楼


这是 Park Associati, Cino Zucchi Architetti 为 Salewa 公司设计的总部,Salewa 是位于意大利博尔扎诺最重要的制造业公司之一。该建筑除了提供必要的工作空间外,还为供应商,合作伙伴和客户的交流提供了空间。设计师使用了日常生活中多种元素,并将它们有机的融合在一起。建筑的外表是电彩色微穿孔铝皮肤与立式玻璃覆盖的结合,营造了一种水晶石的视觉效果。


The new headquarters of Salewa, one of the most important manufacturing firms in Bolzano, is integrated into the landscape at the point where the city of Bolzano meets the uncontaminated nature of the mountains. As well as housing new work spaces, the building aims to provide a space of interaction and communication between the company and its network of suppliers, partners and clients. The new headquarters represents a point of convergence between different elements of everyday life: from physical, social and communicative dimensions to work styles and leisure. The Salewa headquarters is formed by a series of multifaceted slabs and towers, including a 50 metre-high structure which when built will be the tallest building in the city. The project combines an electro-coloured micro-perforated aluminium skin which protects the most exposed parts of the building with a large vertical glass covering. The resulting visual effect is that of a rock crystal. The interplay between the thin sheet metal-like pillars and the delicate protective layers frame the façades and underline the contrast between the invisible and visible areas. Situated in a particular geographic location, this complex represents a place of information exchange between the dense web of material and immaterial relations that constitute the life of a modern company.


设计事务所 Park Associati, Cino Zucchi Architetti
地点 意大利,博尔扎诺
设计团队 Elisa Taddei, Alice Cuteri, Lorenzo Merloni, Marco Panzeri, Pietro Pezzani, Alessandro Rossi, Madoka Tomita, Giada Torchiana
面积 30,000 m2




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