Bar & Lounge Meltino


这是 Architect and Lighting Designer – Claudia Costa 设计的一个咖啡店。整个空间体现着强烈的设计元素,设计师的灵感来自于咖啡颗粒的几何形状。


MELTINO BAR & LOUNGE is a place intended to update the concept of a coffee embedded in a shopping center.

Having the strong presence of the design element, the furniture is the result of coffee derivatives, in order to allow that the community assimilates the singularity of a place that serves as a lounge and bar.

Both are similar and transparent, although with different purposes. The lounge site has a relaxed atmosphere and offers gourmet products. The bar site is appropriated to drink coffee.

Cláudia Costa, LOFF atelier mentor, conceived this project from the geometrization of coffee grains, always with the concern to exclude the idea presented in the space to the final consumer, that they are drinking coffee in a commercial gallery.

The final result is the invasion made by the coffee Grains, instead of the Shopping layout.

Meltino Bar & Lounge is a coffee grain that peeks, pierces walls, roofs and counters.


设计事务所 loff
地点 葡萄牙
Architect and Lighting Designer Claudia Costa
面积 180 m2
摄影 Fernando Guerra




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地点: 葡萄牙