JLV 008


JM ARCHITECTURE 设计的这个公寓,位于底楼,虽然拥有三面透明的私人室外空间,但室内空间狭小。设计师为此选择将厨房、餐厅和客厅都设置于同一个房间,一个 L 形的特殊设计的家具即可以充当沙发,另一端也可以用作餐桌。室外空间则由环绕在居住区和主卧室的塔瓦科木板以及花园草坪填充。


In the Jesolo Lido Village residential complex, for which Jacopo Mascheroni has been project manager and head designer while working at Richard Meier; Partners in New York, the commission was to complete unit number 008. Located on the ground floor and therefore provided with private outdoor spaces that surrounds it on the three transparent sides, this unit still grants a certain privacy and receives lots of natural light at the same time. The very small interior spaces forced to find solutions for rationalizing the space as much as possible. Kitchen, dining and living room are all located in the same room. To include these functions in few square meters, a single L shaped element in lacquered wood has been custom designed, which could be used as dining table as well as sofa. The dining part comfortably seats four people and the sofa part is upholstered in white leather. At the intersection between the sofa and the dining board there are two containers: the first, hidden behind a white acoustical fabric panel, hosts the subwoofer of the audio system with subfloor cables. The second one is a space under the armrest with an upholstered operable top flap. Inside the opposite armrest it’s located a tall drawer with a lacquered panel operable from the side. To complete the room layout there is another custom made low element in lacquered wood to be used as television support, which is characterized for two thirds of its length by containers that host all the tv equipment and speakers behind black acoustical fabric doors. The outdoor spaces present an open joint floor of Ipe Tabaco wood planks that surrounds the living area and the master bedroom in the back, while the rest of the garden is left with lawn. Another particular aspect of the unit’s exterior is the existing maritime pine tree around the bedrooms area and the olive tree as a background for the living area.


地点 意大利, 米兰
设计师 Jacopo Mascheroni




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 意大利, 米兰