HanenDick 住宅


JagerJanssen architects BNA 设计的这个住宅位于荷兰。该地块的原有建筑是一个古老的小农舍,由于其结构已经破败不堪,因此只好将其彻底拆毁并重建,新的设计以旧农舍的剪影作为起点,并且保留了旧农舍的尖弧形的屋顶特点。


The silhouette of the original farmhouse served as an inspiring startingpoint for the new design. Both situation and size on the plot as well asthe characteristic kink in the roof were preserved. The side façades aredesigned as recognizable volumes and provide room for all supportfunctions. The in-between living area can develop and transform asdesired.


设计事务所 JagerJanssen architects BNA
地点 荷兰
设计团队 Alex Jager, Rogier Janssen, Marijn Boterman
面积 220 m2
摄影 Rob ‘t Hart




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 荷兰