Cetatuia Loft


In situ 设计的这个建筑位于布拉索夫市中心的边缘,整个山区和城市的景色尽收眼底。设计师采用跃层设计,第一层是一个开放的空间包括厨房,餐厅,客厅与办公大厅,由一个木制的精简到最小的楼梯连接到第二层和第三层。二楼是火炉与浴室,最后一层是主人的卧室。空间被设计师充分利用,透明的玻璃墙使得房间看起来更大,屋顶的天窗则把日光透过玻璃地板送到客厅深处。


The building, a compact structure is situated on Cetatuia Street, at the edge of the historical center of Brasov, offering an amazing panoramic view over the mountains and historical center of the city.

This context demanded that the positive aspects of the site and the landscape are emphasized and exploited, while the space is used to its maximum potential.

Developed on the last three levels the loft was designed, very conscious of the value of the site and of the panoramic views it could offer.

The first loft level is an open space comprising the kitchen, dining room and living room, the annexes, technical spaces, office and acces hall, connected to the second and third levels by a wooden staircase.

The daytime area of the loft (located on the first level of the loft) is organized on two parallel lines, kitchen-dining room, united through the design of the ceiling, and living room-circulation areas. The differences in height and the arrangement of furniture emphasize the virtual separation between the two regions.

Windows reach to the floor, which makes the room appear larger, flooded with light, while roof windows bring daylight deep down into the living room through the glass flooring.

The stair was reduced to its minimum – the steps.

Railing was almost dematerialized by transparent glass, thus non-essential elements that altered the clear perception of the space where eliminated as much as possible.

The glass wall on the last floor for the master’s bedroom opens a new direction to the living room and farther to the city through the roof windows.

Without these glazed surfaces – horizontal and vertical – the house would have lost a very important spatial dimension and the relationship between the interior and the landscape.

Strongly emphasized verticality of the living room walls is attenuated by the gallery of openings of various sizes and depths, connecting this room to something beyond the wall, either inside or outside the house. These are actually the interior decorations of the house.

On the second floor there is an extention of the living room with fire place, sleeping room, bathroom and storage. The last floor is for master’s bedroom and a generous bathroom opened to the outside through a series of roof windows and a partially glazed wall.


设计事务所 In situ
地点 罗马尼亚, 布拉索夫
设计师 Ion Popusoi, Bogdan Preda
面积 415 m2
摄影 Cosmin Dragomir




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目录: 室内, 住宅