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i29 完成的这个项目名为’家之心’,整个室内设计最突出的特点是简约与细致。从功能上来说,设计师将这个公寓分为三个区域,前部是临街的厨房、浴室与餐厅,中间是客厅,后部是面向花园的卧室。虽然没有墙来区隔这些区域,但空间的分割相当清晰,从而形成了一个巧妙的空间布局。


Specific needs and things the owner likes to distinguish him- or herself with determine which functions and what level of importance they have in the design. In the project ‘heart of the home’ the most important feature is that the unit is a compact box, a ‘living machine’, with a household around it.

The design is minimalistic and finely detailed. By integrating all cupboards, bathroom, kitchen etc. you can experience the rest of the space as a whole. All fronts and doors have been made gripless to express the autonomy of the object. Materials and design are chosen to create a unique atmosphere in this compact apartment. i29 stands for clever solutions in complex commissions.

This compact apartment in Amsterdam has been rebuilt by i29 into a luxurious home. In the heart of the home a bathroom (nominated for the NL bathroom design award), kitchen and storage space were combined into one object. Optimal spatial experience in a clever lay out. The interior is finished with furniture from Vitra and Moooi.

The apartment is divided into three zones; front (kitchen, eating, socialize) middle (living area, relax) and back (sleeping and reading). The sleeping and living area are located towards the garden, the front area is next to the public street. Without walls or any dividing objects, these different areas are still very clear as this unit organizes the rest of the space.


设计事务所 i29
地点 荷兰, 阿姆斯特丹
设计师 i29 interior architects
面积 55 m2
摄影 i29 interior architects




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目录: 室内, 住宅