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这是 i29 为一个家庭住宅所设计的客厅与餐厅。质朴的黑木家具组成了一个小的工作区,包括壁炉,小储存室以及书柜。硬木地板也是黑色的,与家具相互映衬。一个大型推拉门可以显示或隐藏电视机和音频设备。房间另一端是专为孩子玩耍设计的一个小客厅,使用了天然石材制成的地板。


A family in Wassenaar (the Netherlands) asked i29 to realize a comfortable living and dining area on the ground floor of their house surrounded by a big garden. The room in the back of the house is to be used for reading, watching TV and or relaxing. The cabinet of black wood is made from black wood with strongly pronounced grooves like driftwood from sea. It includes a small working area, integrated fireplace, storage, presentation of books and audio set. A large sliding door can show or hide the TV and audio set. The hard wood floor is also black, complementary to the cabinet. The front area has a light natural stone floor. Along the wall with a view on the garden, a low cabinet was made with a durable top from Corian. In between the storage elements a small sitting area is integrated where children can play and work.


设计事务所 i29
地点 荷兰, 瓦瑟纳尔
设计师 i29 interior architects
面积 90 m2
摄影 i29 interior architects




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 荷兰, 瓦瑟纳尔