Fashion District Loft


这是 Guardia Architects 完成的一座阁楼的室内设计。这座占地 1500 平方英尺的阁楼位于纽约市时装区,建筑最早追溯到上个世纪 20 年代。设计师的灵感因此来自于那个年代的一些流行元素,包括高大的天花板,显露的管道结构以及抛光水泥地面等。将自然光线最大化是设计面临的主要挑战,设计师对此的答案是高大典雅的推拉门,壁画艺术风格的半透明板。


This 1500 square foot loft located in the Fashion District in New York City is an ideal blank canvas for experimentation of form and architecture. The 1920’s industrial space inspired us to enter into dialogue with the high ceilings, expressed structure and plumbing and polished concrete floors.

Maximizing natural light was a major challenge and consideration in the loft design. We answered this need creating a sense of open flowing spaces by means of tall elegant sliding doors, translucent panels which bloom into murals and architecture which morphs into art: the kitchen island. This origami-like sculptural form seems to fold and unfold onto itself. The island’s dynamic lines benefit from the tension created by a white floating lacquered ceiling.

Rhythm forms a central design element, intended to speak not only the need for more light but to enhance order and discipline with a view to creating a soothing juxtaposition to the urban view. This rhythm is created by a repetition of rectangular forms emanating from the central mural and echoing in both directions to form the headboard in the master bedroom and a frame for the sliding doors that give onto a balcony.

The cabinetry was brought from Bolivia, the selection of two types of wood in addition to white lacquered cabinetry helped us to reinforce the architecture and strengthen the hierarchy of the elements.


设计事务所 Guardia Architects
地点 美国, 纽约
设计师 Sergio Guardia, Nate Lindsey, Cecilia Lopez
摄影 Focus photography, Bradley Jones




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 美国, 纽约