Candela 住宅


长满眼睛的房子。Zigzag Arquitectura 设计,位于西班牙。房子的主人是一个 10 几口人的大家庭,他们希望能够在闲暇时间,远离尘世的喧嚣,共享天伦之乐,设计师为他们设计了这个家庭聚会场所。地址选在了群山之中,风景如画,精心设计的窗口能够从多个角度领略周围的风光。


A family meeting place. The starting point was the need for a house large enough for the variable and regular meeting of a family composed of 6 subfamilies, with a total of 10 adults and 8 children. The idea was to create a family shelter, a place to meet and escape from urban life, with a low budget and the scarce construction resources available in a relatively isolated location. The place / an eyed mountain.The plot is located in an area surrounded by mountains, Aballe Dego, close to the River Sella. The place suggested the idea of a mountain ,hollowed inside, with eyes strategically arranged to capture the surrounding landscape, introducing it into the rooms of the house and avoiding direct views into the homes of the nearest neighbours. Volume and outer skin.The volume interacts with the surrounding mountains, longing to become one of them. The folded roof is also a product of the enforcement of the local regulations and the hipped roof indicated by them.The result is a hard shell, earthy and perforated, allowing the entry of the landscape in the form of pictures which change each time you return to the house. The perforated skin protects its inhabitants from the outside, while allowing them to interact physically and visually with nature, with the seasons and with the weather.

Programme. The programme is organized according to the dominant orientation of the plot. The night programme, bedrooms and bathrooms, is located in the northern area, leaving the southern orientation to the meeting spaces and the double height space: living room – dining room – kitchen.The porch serves as a link between the day spaces of the ground floor, and at the same time is used to mark the difference with the kitchen-dining room-living room programme.

Material and construction system. The construction system is adapted to the resources available in the area: reinforced concrete structure as well as double brick isolated walls.The facades of the house are made with a dark grey rendering coat and planks of iroko wood.The roof is built with flat concrete tiles, adapting to the material regulations of the area.


设计事务所 Zigzag Arquitectura
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 David Casino, Bernardo Angelini
面积 297.98 m2
摄影 B .Angelini and D. Casino




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地点: 西班牙