Archipelago 住宅


这是 Tham & Videgård Arkitekter 设计的一个凉亭,位于瑞典。设计师采用重量较轻的木材与玻璃做为建筑材料,将褪色的水平黑框、高大粗直的松树与映着波罗的海风景的玻璃窗搭配在一起。几何图形的设计是根据建筑物的具体位置而定的,房屋被设计建在了两个山石礁和岔路口之间平坦的地方。


The starting point is the direct relation to the dramatic archipelago landscape with the objective to offer within a simple frame – a platform – several diverse readings of the relation space-nature.

Conceived as a light weight construction in wood and glass, this summerhouse is built in the outer Stockholm archipelago. The horizontal character of the black stained exterior relates to the verticals of tall grown pines and the mirrored views of the Baltic Sea.

The geometry of the plan is generated by the specifics of the site, the house being fitted into the flat surface between two mountain rocks and turning simultaneously towards the sun in south and frontally towards the sea in west. With the small rooms placed in the back, the social areas of the house stand out as an open platform crisscrossed by sliding glass. The zig-zagged layout also creates a series of outside places sheltered from the strong winds.


设计事务所 Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
地点 瑞典
项目建筑师 Martin Videgård, Bolle Tham
面积 130 m2
摄影 Åke E: son Lindman




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地点: 瑞典