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这是 tecArchitecture 为自己设计的办公楼。该建筑的特色在于艺术地运用了可持续发展技术。为了能够利用地热能源供暖,建筑师向地下钻井约244米。地热通过地下的启动装置,传导至混凝土以及开放的地板,保证了室内的供热与制冷正常运转。


the structure is roughly 900m2 and also contains some underground parking accessible by car lift.

heiko, who lives in the house with his family, and me have been with the first group of architects to address issues of sustainability in -then germany. we designed some of the first naturally ventilated low – impact office buildings , and have carried those ideas through our work. the ermatingen building features state of the art sustainable technologies. energy is being generated geothermally (we drilled 800 ft down), and solar. heating and cooling works through activated masses – hence the concrete, open floors etc.


设计事务所 tecArchitecture
地点 瑞士
项目建筑师 Sebastian Knorr
面积 900 m2
摄影 Peter Allgaier




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 瑞士