DW Lofts


这是由 Taylor_Smyth architects 设计的 Lofts,位于加拿大。每个单元都有上下两层,最大的单元是围绕着一个内部的小院子组织的,在那里,可以直接面对大自然,享受洒进来的阳光。院子的门是可滑动的,并且从卧室一直延伸到餐厅,在院子与室内之间提供了一个无缝的连接。


The DW Lofts were originally built in the mid 1970’s as rental units in a mixed use residential/commercial development. Their unique design allows the units to extend from the front to the back of the building with natural light at each end. This is achieved by entering at one level and then moving either up or down a level.

The units come in a variety of sizes, but all units are two storeys. The largest units are organized around an interior courtyard, open to the sky, flooding the interiors with natural light.

In warm months, doors at each end of the courtyard can be slid open to provide a seamless connection between inside and outside. This connection is reinforced through the use of a wall of stone that begins in the dining room, extends out into the courtyard, and reappears again in the kitchen on the other side of the courtyard. The kitchen counter also extends out into the courtyard to contain a built-in barbecue.

The units were gutted and completely redesigned with new mechanical and electrical systems. A rich material palette of rift cut oak for floors and built-in millwork, stainless steel and glass, along with custom designed kitchens, provides a sense of luxury. The courtyard is decked in Ipe that wraps up onto the planter along the stone wall. Up a level, the master bathroom has its own walk out deck, also clad in Ipe.


设计事务所 Taylor_Smyth architects
地点 加拿大, 多伦多
摄影 Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 加拿大, 多伦多