Statsbygg 博物馆


SAO architecture 设计的国家博物馆不只是一个展示挪威文化的地方,而且是一个艺术的殿堂,一个了解地方文化和历史的通径。它天然的密切结合了挪威人的文化,也是交流,学习和研究地方。


Our primary purpose is to respond the request to design a building for Oslo of extraordinary architectural and Historical significance and to create a public resource for Oslo that would benefit the community in which it is located, creating a world class cultural facility in Norway. The project proposal is to generate a new synthetic landscape through the understanding and integration ofits systems. It will be a landmark, a new recognizable structure; a sign of the national museum history able to attract at the same time both international artists and private collectors to support the institution, increasing international interest in Norwegian culture in a way to create a new economic and tourist resource for Oslo.

The National Museum is not just a place where norwegian culture is displayed, but mainly an artificial path, a Museum_scape, a stroll through the history of a culture and a place; it is a natural place closely related to the culture of the norwegian people, a place for interaction and gathering, a place for learning and studing .

The new museum will substantially contribute to the cultural offerings of the city, and will make an important statement about the future development of Oslo:

Ecological: the rooftop as an urban resource; the museum building as a “living organism” with bioclimatic features.

Historical: the renovation and connection to the historical preexistences in order to restore historical value and identity to the place.

Cultural: the museum intended as a pathway that brings into dialogue art and ecological issues.

Social: the museum as a community space with a variety of functions fostering social interaction.

Recreational: a complex program which could revitalize this portion of the City of Oslo.


设计事务所 SAO architecture
地点 挪威, 奥斯陆
项目建筑师 F. Schiavello , F. Lipari, I. Burchard
面积 10,000 m2




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 挪威, 奥斯陆