Paradise for Two


天堂乐园。NIO architecten 设计,位于荷兰。这里是荷兰 Botshol 地区的草地和湿地自然保护区,也是各种少见的植物和鸟类的栖息地。很显然,这里不仅不能建房,就连周边现有农场的重新改造也受到限制。正是在泥炭色的草地区域上,设计师感受到新鲜又变化无常的风景,从而将现有的一个农场和一个配楼设计成一个不被外界认知的花园。


The grass and marshland of the Botshol is a nature reserve and a unique habitat for unusual plants and birds. It is situated – a bit hidden – as an oasis in the midst of the Randstad. It is obvious that in the Botshol cannot be built, but also in the surrounding area of De Ronde Venen there are restrictions to new housing development or partial renewal of existing farms.

Precisely where the austere lay-out of the peat grass area touches the new nature and the whimsical landscape of the Botshol, is a garden of which the inner world does not reveal itself. Almost invisible from outside are two buildings, a farm and an annex, both ready for renewal. In line with the heart of the garden, which has been cultivated and even seems a little heavenly, the renewal was used to intensify the unexpected atmosphere of this location.

The basis of the design are two distinct zinc roofs under which different spaces are given a place in a very relaxed manner. One part is now ready: the annex has been transformed into a pavilion. The zinc roof is cheekily placed diagonally over the square wooden building. The struts of the roof fan out, as if they are trying to imitate the pattern of the nearby Vinkeveense plassen, and the dark stained wooden duckboards are lifted compared to ground level, so that the building seems to float above the garden. The image of the pavilion is new and possibly unexpected, but eventually it is equally natural and graceful as a cormorant in the Botshol.


设计事务所 NIO architecten
地点 荷兰, 博特海尔
设计团队 Maurice Nio, Arek Seredyn
面积 160 m2
摄影 Hans Pattist




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 荷兰, 博特海尔