血色浪漫的日本料理餐厅。Ministry of Design 设计,位于新加坡。设计师的灵感来源于日本歌舞伎戏剧的生动色彩以及戏剧表演的张度。设计还有意避开了传统日本料理餐厅常见的大屏风等典型符号。设计始于一个完全红色的前厅,然后是黑色的用餐的各个角落,继而是被这些角落环绕的白色的高大的厅堂,这些色彩的鲜明对比最终创造了一个非传统的,审美上令人惊讶的日式料理用餐体验。


Inspired by the dramatic intensity and vivid hues of Japanese Kabuki theatre and also by the spatial quality of Peter Greenaway’s “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”, the design for Sho U provides a dining experience that celebrates the unconventional amidst a surprising aesthetic. Eschewing the typical symbols of Japanese dining, the design consciously avoids the ubiquitous shoji screen, an excessive use of natural materials or obvious Japanese ornamentation of any kind.

Celebrating sudden and dramatic spatial and experiential twists, the design begins with an entirely red entry vestibule and unfolds into an all black series of dining nooks. These nooks ring along a full height white dining hall where the spatial experience culminates in an expression of natural light and views to the river beyond.

Two private dining rooms complementing the main dining hall complete the experience. The first features an arched ceiling and a feature art installation in collaboration with renowned Singaporean Artist Lee Meiling. Her fabric art installations of abstracted flowers also float along all the main walls and ceiling, accentuating the restaurant’s red, black and white spaces.

The second private room is designed for intimate couple dining. In this Love Cove, a cozy bed lounger replaces the formality of chairs and tables. Tectonically, the high gloss sheen of polished stone & epoxy finish complement the warm tactility of carpet and velvet. MOD also maintained a holistic design vision for the entire dining experience by collaborating and coordinating the design of the menu, signage and uniforms.


设计事务所 Ministry of Design
地点 新加坡
设计师 Colin Seah
面积 300 m2
摄影 CI&A; Photography




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