Ontario 住宅


具有简单几何美的安大略住宅。Ministry of Design 设计,位于新加坡。项目的主体部分建在一个简单的几何造型上:一个垂直的塔式建筑与一个水平建筑结合在一起,伸出的部分成为车库的顶棚。主要的公共区域则朝内转向一个双层的庭院和一个小型健身游泳池。设计师利用优美的比例,纯几何造型等切实可行的方式挑战了当地奢华别墅的主流模式。


The primary parti of the building is built on an assemblage of simple geometries: a vertical tower block juxtaposed with a horizontal block, capped by an overhanging hood – the car porch. The main public spaces are turned inwards towards a double-storey courtyard and lap pool. Organised around this central space, the activities of the residents enjoy a sense of clam privacy bathed in captured natural light from above. The tower houses the master wing, which is constantly cooled by the prevailing cross-breezes. An oasis for its residents, the Ontario Residence is characterized by graceful proportions, pure geometries and a sense of reserved materiality.


设计事务所 Ministry of Design
地点 新加坡
项目建筑师 Park
面积 420 m2
摄影 Edward Hendricks




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 新加坡