Lien 住宅


扭曲的三角形房屋。Ministry of Design 设计,位于新加坡。通过采用一系列井井有条的措施,设计师将这栋房屋建在一个狭长的三角地带,环绕在枝繁叶茂的大树周围,这样的条件构成了它独有的扭曲造型,令人仿佛回到独栋洋房的浪漫气息中。


Returning to the romance of the single storeybungalow house, this zig-zag house acquires its unique form via a series of formal maneuvers around a mature tree located on its long and triangulated sliver of land.

Tropically acclimated to the region, the building’stwisting form creates “in-between” spaces which provide shelter from nature’s harsh elements and simultaneously allow for cross ventilation and filtered light. Courtyards, captured by the turning of the twisted building form, bring light into the basement service areas. Internal corridors serve as breezeways between air-conditioned and naturally cooled areas. Slightly lofted over the ground, each of the building’s three Miesian inspired wings house an entertainment zone, a family zone and a private master zone. Seen as a seamless singular form, the building reads as both sheltering building as well as abstracted sculpture. Viewed from the vicinity’s taller structures, the building’s roofscape provides the final design touch – where diagonally arranged planting strips echo the unique twisted form of the House Around a Tree.


设计事务所 Ministry of Design
地点 新加坡
项目建筑师 Colin Seah, Park
面积 600 m2
摄影 Edward Hendricks , Patrick Bingham-Hall




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地点: 新加坡