Ashley Isham 时装商店


爱丽丝梦游时装店。Ministry of Design 设计,位于新加坡。设计师的灵感来源于爱丽丝梦游仙境,如同那部电影一样,只有当你进入这个商店,你才能体会到里面的奇妙仙境。大大的镜框装饰着墙壁与屋顶,琳琅满目的商品映入眼帘,五彩缤纷的服装、鞋子和配饰与精美绝伦的油画、姿态各异的灯具和高清晰的显示屏一起,装点着这个美轮美奂的空间。


MOD’s concept for uber-fashion designer Ashley Isham’s Boutique is inspired by the magical tale of Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll…where surreal experiences await one beyond the threshold of convention and normalcy. Set in Singapore’s historic Fullerton Hotel, the boutique is essentially a two-fold experience.

It begins when you first enter from the street, through the glass doors into what seems like a beautiful but conventional Walk-In Window Display space. You meander through the Window Display without really being able to sense the space beyond it (intentionally designed this way) and only then do you ‘discover’ the threshold past the Looking Glass into Ashley’s Wonderland beyond.

Stepping though the Looking Glass into this surreal wonderland, mirror frames adorn the walls and ceiling; these house an exciting variety of merchandise and decorations – garments, shoes, accessories are displayed together with paintings, lamps, video screens! Even the changing room is concealed behind a hidden door of mirror frames. Not only is this experience of ‘discovering’ the wonderland space surreal, it also lends an air of exclusivity to the luxury retail experience which remains visually shielded from the street frontage.


设计事务所 Ministry of Design
地点 新加坡
项目建筑师 Colin Seah, Dennis Cheok, Kevin Leong, Sacharissa Kurniawan
面积 60 m2
摄影 Cl & A Photography




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Ashley Isham 时装商店, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
地点: 新加坡