Actually 时装商店


服装要时尚,摆放也要时尚。Ministry of Design 设计的时装商店,位于新加坡。裸露的砖墙,精心修复的窗花,悬空的抽屉与行李箱用来陈列精品服饰,椅子悬浮在空中并在后背上搭着最新潮的牛仔。设计师非凡的灵感重新定义了时尚。


Tables float magically against the backdrop of a textured & gleaming white brick wall! Chairs are suspended 3 meters in the air with assorted jeans casually draped from their backs! An ensemble of levitating drawers and luggage serve as tongue-in-cheek display racks for cult designer tees and bags! Inspired by Magritte’s Surrealist paintings & the whimsicality of Street Fashion, Actually Boutique redefines the conventional boutique – elevating it from a muted repository of clothes to a wonderland of sensory and fashion stimuli!

Situated along historical Seah Street replete with aged Chinese medicinal halls and hole-in-the-wall eateries, the 2nd floor boutique manages to attain a cult-like attitude unlike its counterparts along more gentrified locales such as Ann Siang Hill or Club Street. Eschewing the Orchard Road Mall scene, the design for the boutique celebrates the uniqueness of its rich context – Exposed brick walls have been stripped of their plaster facades and original decorative window grilles have been lovingly restored. A picturesque moss laden wall of the air-well has also been intentionally left unwashed. The New insertions such as the display and lighting system float in space, suspended from thin stainless steel cables or wires and are physically set away from the Old shell – creating a distinction between the Old and the New. However, both Old and New are unified by colour and act as a backdrop for the main star of the show – the merchandise! The new insertions are found recycled common furniture pieces. These non-designer artifacts are stylized with a new coat of white paint, suppressing inherent texture but highlighting their form.


设计事务所 Ministry of Design
地点 新加坡
项目建筑师 Colin Seah
面积 100 m2
摄影 Mori




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地点: 新加坡