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迷你工作室。这是 Henri cleinge ARCHITECTE 为一家平面设计公司所做的室内设计,位于加拿大。设计的灵感来源于对透明度与反射,清晰度与秩序的思考。项目使用的天然材料如枫木、 玻璃、 黑色石板,与白色表面共同构成了表面与体积交错的空间。一个两层的玻璃箱占据了工作室的中央,其中一层是首要的设计工作室,楼上则是生产车间。


Contractuelle communicateurs-conseils is a communications and graphic design consulting firm. Their new office is located in a converted factory in Montreal’s Little Italy neighborhood.

The intention was to create a space reflecting the identity of the client within the parameters of our own conceptual approach. Notions of transparency and reflection, of clarity and order inspired the design. The disciplined use of natural materials: maple, glass, black slate, combined with white surfaces structure the space alternating between surface and volume.

A two story glass box occupies the center of the office defining the surrounding space. This box shelters the firm principal’s office on the first floor and the production workshop above. The technical and service spaces have all been tucked to one side leaving an open yet well defined space dedicated to office work. The custom made maple furniture was specially designed to store the production team’s tools and materials giving the space a clean and minimal character.


设计事务所 Henri cleinge ARCHITECTE
地点 加拿大, 蒙特利尔
摄影 Michel St-Denis




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