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集艺术、工作、生活于一体的住宅。George Dasic Architects 设计,位于日本。常常表面上看似矛盾的常规要求,最终却会启发设计构思。设计师决定将建筑物修建得比原计划离街道更远一些,这样就腾出了一小块类似于人行道的开放空间,使其更接近欧洲的城市结构风格,并在这里显得独一无二。


As is often the case the seemingly contradictory requirements of regulation and requirements eventually led to thedesign concept.

We decided to pull the building perimeter further away from the street than regulation required creating a sense ofpavement and open space, more associated with European urban fabric and unique in this area. Since the seminarbusiness has frequent visitors arriving and leaving the building it allowed for a “transition” space. Furthermore, itavoided feeling of competing with cars for the entrance, so common within back streets of Tokyo.

Increased setback reduced the footprint of the building, but then the volume allowance permitted four comfortableheight floors. This matched the 4 main functions (Gallery, Office, Seminars and Living Pod) contained within 3 programmatic elements (Gallery, Business, Pod). This followed a concept of 3 floating cubes, stacked one above the other in the order of “programmatic hierarchy”.

Cube 1 Containing the Gallery on Level 1 with a separate entrance; Cube 2 Containing the Business space (Office on Level 2 and Seminar room on Level 3); Cube 3 Containing the Living Pod, with a living area, kitchen and bathroom, on Level 4.


设计事务所 George Dasic Architects
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 George Dasic, Yushi Kobayashi ,Toru Usui, Yuki Miyoshi Nikitaki, Tamaki Suzuki
面积 196.36 m2
摄影 Peter Cook




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 东京