AIG 大楼


波浪滚滚的大楼。George Dasic Architects 为 AIG 集团设计的办公楼,位于日本长崎。设计师针对长崎酷热的夏季与烈日,设计了这个酷似波浪造型的建筑。东西方向开放、透明,南向则密闭以抵御炎热。大楼的外形也有着船舶似的线条,契合日本悠久的渔民传统。


The Nagasaki climate was an important factor in the overall design concept. Nagasaki has extremely hot summers and a scorching sun. This led to a design, which allows for openness and transparency on the East/West direction with closeness and protection on the South side. After going through a number of design schemes and sketches the “wave-rolling”, dynamic design comprising from an aluminum rolling “skin envelope” wrapped around a glass clad transparent spaces, creating a kind of gate or a binocular between the city and the bay was the one we went always back to. Of course the ship curves as well as wave symbolism, one of the most used motif in traditional Japanese prints, helped in forging a dynamic, modern yet a strongly contextual concept.


设计事务所 George Dasic Architects
地点 日本, 九州岛
项目建筑师 George Dasic, Shunichi Tajima, Benigna Iwasaki, Reiko Fukushi, Tamaki Suzuki
面积 20,000 m2
摄影 Peter Cook




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地点: 日本, 九州岛