Yoyogi 住宅


狭小的空间也能造就好房子。frontoffice/tokyo 设计,位于日本。客户的建筑位于东京典型的老居民区内,街道狭小,两侧是高大空白的墙壁,南面直接正对邻居家,在房子里只能看到东南角的一线天空。主人希望能在狭小的条件下,拥有一栋使用效率高的房子,夫妇二人能够有私人空间来做他们各自喜爱的事情,尤其是妻子希望能有一个作为她的工作间的小画室;此外他们希望可以方便地进出于屋内和屋外,室内空间必须能满足他们日常生活的需要,满足夫妻二人长久以来的喜好——亲手制作草酱。


The site we were presented with by the client is typical of Tokyo’s older residential areas – defined by narrow streets whose character emerges more from the individual choices of the homeowners than from any comprehensive urban plan. More specific, the elongated and narrow plot (5.4m x 16m) is surrounded on all sides by houses built to the razor’s edge of their property lines and to the maximum height the local zoning laws allow. The result; a site flanked by tall blank walls on its two long sides, and facing directly onto a neighbour’s home to the South, with only a sliver of open sky available on the south-east corner. The clients, a middle-aged couple, wanted a small and efficient home that would accommodate their desire for personal space – for each to pursue their own hobbies, and especially a small painting area and work station for the wife. They also asked for access to outdoor space that could be used easily in daily life, and a garden where strawberries could be planted to indulge in a longtime hobby of making home-made jam.

Surprisingly the home feels larger than its 80m2 would suggest, due in no small part to the long views outside and the active green space at the center of the home. The house is treated in much the same way, fitting into the context without attempting to alter it, mimic it, or deny it.


设计事务所 frontoffice/tokyo
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Koen Klinkers, Will Galloway, Iwao Takeuchi
面积 78 m2
摄影 Daisuke Akita




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 东京