Minami Azabu 住宅


头重脚轻的住宅。frontoffice/tokyo 设计,位于日本。在日本,虽然有法规保证任何建筑必须考虑邻居的采光度,但对于客户这样一个四周被包围起来的区域,法规也允许任何建筑物的较低层淹没在阴影里。通常的建筑都选择将底层的起居室建的尽量大,然后费尽心机来减轻黑暗的影响。在这个项目里,设计师一反常态,将主卧室都设在二楼,停车场和客房设置在一楼,起居区安置在顶层。通过连续的平台和楼梯,主人可直达屋顶的大平台,在那里,他们可以看到整个城市。由于底层采光不足,不能建造一个花园,设计师便将其移到三楼及屋顶,这样一来,房子的主人也可以在城市的中心拥有大片的绿色空间了。


In Japan the building code enforces an envelope under which any building must fit. The rules are designed to guarantee access to light for neighbours, which makes sense in a dense urban environment. Ironically, on a landlocked parcel of the type we were given the rules also ensure the lower levels of any building constructed will be submerged in shadow. It is in fact tempting to simply live in the dark. The building code also ensures the largest floor areas are available on the lowest floors, and the impulse is often to design a home so the living area will be as large as possible. Simply accepting the darkness is not uncommon, especially on small properties. The ambitious architect may work at mitigating the effect by building a deep light well to be certain residents will at least see the reflected light of the sun if not the sky during the day – a Tokyo lifestyle is as a result often dark and introverted.

Here we took a different tack, and reversed the standard typology – the main bedrooms are on the second floor, parking, a hard-surface landscape, and a guest room are on the ground, and the living areas are lifted to the top of the home where they are connected to the city by a series of decks and a stairway to a large roof deck. Since the ground level does not receive enough light to make a proper garden we chose to move the ground to the third floor and to the roof, planting it with gardens that will allow the owners of the home to have large green spaces in the centre of the city.

In a city like Tokyo space is a luxury. By keeping the ground level open the city becomes a kind of backdrop to the entrance. In the same way the decks and balconies that open the home to the city create an enormous outdoor space that is very nearly unheard of in such a site.


设计事务所 frontoffice/tokyo
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Koen Klinkers, Will Galloway, Max Kim
面积 185.06 m2
摄影 Daisuke Akita




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 东京